Welcome to Musings… I originally considered the name “Blame it on the Girls” because they have to a great extent inspired me to start this site. However, the more I thought about it, the more that sounded a little negative. And their role in who I am and continue to become is anything but negative. So, I figured I’d name it something that was more accurate. And if you stay with me, over time you will come to see that “generally sane” is about right.

I’m starting out this blog as a place for “beginners in the kitchen” to share our adventures in cooking and baking. My husband is the chef in our house and if being an Executive Chef wasn’t an 80+ hour a week lifestyle, he’d be the best. But we kinda like our weekends and evenings, and I like having him around, so we’re both good with just enjoying his creativity in our own little kitchen. Me on the other hand, well, before I met him I could order pizza like nobody’s business. Had the phone number memorized and everything.

Since we’ve been together I have come to really enjoy being his sous chef and trying things out on my own. (Note: “on my own” here may be a little subjective; most of the time I request his coaching, which he happily provides so that we can enjoy our dinner :-).) And in the last couple of years I have grown quite fond of baking, which is a real problem after various milestone birthdays leaving me with a metabolism that doesn’t want to cooperate any more.

So I’m giving this a shot. My goal is to each month try something different once a week. For example, one month might be one dinner a week (much to my hubby’s dismay I suspect), the next month might be a different cupcake each week (much to my coworkers’ delight), another month might be a different appetizer each week, etc. We’ll see how it goes and adjust as needed. Because if there’s one thing, well, three things certain in life they are death, taxes, and what happens to the best laid plans…

I invite you to try this with me and let’s talk about how it’s going for you. We can share our victories (and not-so-much victories), celebrate, and have a good laugh.

I’m glad you stopped by and I look forward to meeting you!

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