So… Who Are “The Girls”?

“The Girls” are my beautiful daughters Jennifer, Karen, and Jacquelyn. I can call them beautiful without bias because they don’t have any of my genes and they were well on their way to being the outstanding women they are before we ever met. All families have their days and blending a family can be its own adventure, but I must say that I’ve been awfully blessed with them in my life. I’ve learned much from them, have had wonderful times, and wish we could be together more often.

What on earth would I blame them for you ask? Well, Pinterest for one. That’s a horrible place where I spend much too much time. Karen and Jackie encouraged me to check it out and get this – they suggested I join (insert rolling eyeballs here). As much as I resisted, I took a look one day and promptly signed up.

Now I dream of spending my days covered in AP flour and Dutch processed cocoa powder, not to mention Nutella; and researching things like Quinoa and whether or not I can effectively cook sticky rice without an actual rice cooker. And for goodness’s sakes, how many recipes can there be for buttercream frosting? Alas, I am trapped.

The other is “Cookie Day.” A Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas where the women don our aprons and the hubster, son-in-law, boyfriends, and Sydney are exiled to the family room (trust me, they don’t mind). Then several hours later the boys are roped into judging the ugliest snowman cookie contest. Sydney has asked to be a judge but she eats the cookies before there’s a decision so that’s not real effective.

This was a tradition the Girls had and graciously opened to me. But as things go, we all live apart now, and I miss those times. I guess I’m hoping this journey will, in some small measure, make up for the lost Cookie Day.

I’m inviting the Girls to be guest authors and contribute to the site as often as they like. You’ll appreciate them because they’re a lot funnier than I am and I don’t want you to get bored and stop coming back.

God bless and have an amazing day!


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